The BioSense Director Member of the UN Group of Ten High-level Representatives

United Nations (UN) Secretary-General António Guterres has announced the appointment of the United Nations Group of Ten High-level Representatives of Civil Society, Private Sector, and Scientific Community to Promote Science, Technology, and Innovation for the SDGs (10-Member-Group) over the next two years. One of the ten selected eminent experts from all over the world is the director of the BioSense Institute, Professor Vladimir Crnojević.


Project ANTARES - Centre of Excellence

ANTARES aims to evolve BioSense Institute into a European Centre of Excellence (CoE) for advanced technologies in sustainable agriculture. We strive to deliver disruptive digital solutions...



AgroSense is a digital platform that provides support to farmers and agricultural companies in monitoring the growth of crops and planning of the agricultural activities.


Development of magnetic sensors for rapid detection of the Salmonella serotype common in Serbia and Portugal

Project aim: Two main objectives of this collaborative project between Serbian Biosense Institute and  Portuguese INESC-MN are 1) to evaluate efficacy of antibody-based vs. nucleic-acid based magnetic biosensors for point-of-need...



BioSense Accelerator

Launch your AgTech idea! BioSense Accelerator is an intensive 3-month program that targets early-stage AgTech startups and acts as a bridge between science and business. It...


Meet Mirijana Radulovic

You work at the BioSense Institute, but at the same time you are a Ph.D....




BioSense’s Centre for Sensing Technologies focuses on development of sensing devices based on optical, physical and electromagnetic properties of the...



Digital Innovation Hubs

BioSense Institute (Institute for Research and Development of Information Technology in Biosystems) is a leading...



Living Lab

Research and innovation at BioSense is developed in a close interaction with farmers and the agrifood sector, government bodies, entrepreneurs and business community, international researchers, and citizens. We work together...